ΟThe main purpose of the Pest Control project is to combat all insects that are harmful for your health, that either invade your area from the outside environment or live and reproduce inside buildings in various outbreaks such as sewerage networks and mechanical equipment. Pest application will be carried out at selected points that are insect passages and growth spots such as siphons, WCs, kitchens, entrances, ramps and recesses of buildings.

For the control of insect pests, residual spraying will be carried out using a low pressure pump in all the above-mentioned application areas, with specific insecticidal formulations. With residual spraying uniform wetting of the spraying surface is achieved and the formation of a thin layer of insecticide from which there is a gradual release of the molecules of the active substance.

For the control of flying and insect pests in all outdoors areas of the house, residual spraying will be carried out using a high pressure pump as well as by the nebulous spray method in the interior areas where this is deemed necessary.

The insecticides to be used are all approved by the Ministry of Rural Development & Food, are odorless, leave no traces on most common surfaces and do not corrode. They are insect-contact insecticides, cause paralysis, lethargy and death in insects and have residual activity. The duration of their action depends on the environmental conditions of the area and the type of surface sprayed.

Rat extermination

Pests are the process of getting rid of rodents indoors or outdoors and taking appropriate measures to avoid their reappearance.

The main method of controlling rodents is based on the placement of bait stations at critical control points, around the premises and internally, creating two zones of protection. The identification of the critical control points is always carried out by the experienced and specialized personnel of our company in the field of Microbiology, after inspection of the application sites. All bait stations to be used will be of a closed-type security type.

In each application, our technician will refill bait stations, check their status, and observe their position. Also, the consumption of the rat poison will be recorded, so that there is a clear picture of the mobility of the rodents, but also of the specific areas they are found. This ensures the best possible control and the immediate enhancement of possible problematic spots.

The selection of mycticidal formulations will be made from the list of approved formulations for use in residential areas of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

Snakes expulsion

During the months of April to October, snakes are often present in inhabited areas, which are a nuisance and a danger to humans. For snake repellent application, a special repellent formulation is used which is placed around the areas that we want to protect, just before the “awakening” of the snakes and their approach in places of human activity. The intense odor of the formulation, perceived only by the sensory ability of the reptiles, pushes the snakes into leaving the area.

This application has been performed with great results in many homes, camps, hotels, and industrial sites with a strong presence of snakes due to the morphology of the area.