Swimming Pool Maintenance


CLEAN HOUSE provides cleaning, engineering, electro-mechanical repairs & maintenance to your pool. Our company has a specialized service department to cover the different and complex needs of your pool.

We have a complete range of spare parts to address every failure and ensure the uninterrupted operation of your pool.

The products we use are approved and certified by ISO.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

• Scheduled maintenance visits
• Entire installation check
• Water Quality & Chemical Quality Control
• Inspection of electromechanical equipment
• Caring and wiping of the swimming pool
• Supply and installation of new products

Disinfection of Water

It is the treatment of water that is done that destroys or inactivates the pathogenic microorganisms contained in it. This process protects the health of the bathers. The effectiveness of disinfection depends on water hardness and pH.

Set the PH

The desired pH of pool water is between 7.2 and 7.6, with an ideal level of 7.4. To adjust the pH of the water to the desired level, we use pH minus (pH-) to reduce the pH and pH plus (pH +) respectively to increase it.

Hardness of water

The combination of high hardness with high pH creates salt deposits on many surfaces of a swimming pool. To minimize these deposits, the pH of the water should be kept close to 7.2