Property Management Services

We undertake the management of the short-term lease of your property.


House registration at Airbnb&

Management of Airbnb& accounts

Interaction with visitors

Preparation for the next visitors


Full management services

✓ Room appraisal

✓ Tips for optimizing viewing of your apartment

✓ Create an Airbnb® listing and determine the best possible price for your property based on specific criteria

✓ Fully manage the Airbnb® account / increase its visibility

✓ Communicate with guests 24 hours a day, 365 days a year 

✓ Evaluation of candidate tenants

✓ Visitor reception

✓ Online reservation, availability, synchronization of calendars

✓ Regular and constant control of your home by a team of technicians / conservators who ensure that your space is always kept in excellent condition

Additional Services

• Integrated cleaning services from our specialist crew

• Professional laundry wash

• Replenishment of everyday items (shampoo, shower gel, sanitary ware, drinks, etc.)

• Decorating suggestions by interior architects and architects

• Professional photography for better display of the property

• Collaborating technicians to repair any damage